Canción: When Do The Bells Ring For Me?
Compuesta por: Charles DeForest
Año: 2011 (Disco Duets II de Tony Bennett)

da da da da dum
hmm hmmm

I wonder when do the bells ring for me?
When someone tugs a heartstring for me?
When does it come my time?
When does the poem rhyme?
When do the songs they sing seem for me?

To those who say «hey, wake up and feel life»
I say I’m ready to show me the way
Show me those arms that say
«Welcome to real life»
And we’ll stay, we’ll stay

How many parties more can I run to?
How many little loves can there be?
Before it’s all a bore
Forget it, I want more
I want someone who wants more of me

Like making promises good in the daylight (ohh)
The thing is here am I, where is she?
When is it my chance?
When is it my dance?
When do the bells ring for me?

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